Marshall Islands - Approved Filing Agent        ||      Director General of Shipping - Ministry of Shipping Govt. of India Approved RPSL   MUM-399   DOI-03-10-2016   , DOE-22-12-2026 ;    ||          Certified VERIPOS Training Center    ||  ISO Certified Company  || 

Welcome to AR Maritime Services

ARMS is a highly qualified and a dedicated partner to its customers. We believe in delivering turn-key solutions with comprehensively high standards of service. We look at ourselves not as mere service providers but as your partners in ship operations and management for achieving excellence across all activities.


To continuously evolve and improve our amenities and serve to achieve a higher customer satisfaction. Establish ARMS as the first choice trusted partner at sea.


To be the ideal one stop solution provider with highest quality of standard. Whilst being recognized for the attention to detail and outstanding service.


In keeping with the Vision and in order achieve the stated Mission; the Company has defined the following objectives: Create a safe, secure and healthy working environment for all personnel on board and ashore. Meet market demands and maintain the Company’s reputation as an effective and reliable Ship Manager. Support the Clients’ opportunities by the satisfaction of their contractual expectations. Minimise time off-hire caused by personnel or technical failures. Achieve budgeted economic results, as necessary, to keep up safe and reliable services. Comply with regulatory requirements to ensure safety in operation, including environmental protection. Maintain Emergency preparedness both ashore and on board. Continuously improve safety-management skills of personnel on board ships and ashore. Take into account applicable codes, guidelines and standards recommended by Administrations, Classification Societies and related organisations in the maritime industry.


ARMS values are the foundation of our company’s success, continuously guiding our decisions and our relationships with customers, partners, suppliers, employees and society in general. At ARMS , we live the values. As an organization we abide by strict ethical guidelines. The core values that drive us to uphold the highest standards are: Constant Care: Forward thinking, planning and execution by taking care of today, and actively preparing for tomorrow. We pride ourselves of being always informed and innovative, and seeking out new ideas as a means of continuous improvement. Integrity: Integrity is the core value that defines our organization and the way we do or deliver our business at all times – during period of success as well as during challenging times. As an organization, ARMS strives to never associate or be a party to any unethical or corrupt dealing or practice. Transparency: At ARMS, we believe in being proactive, direct and honest in our communications with all stakeholders. We consider transparency a critical factor in building lasting relationships. Empowerment: We believe in empowering people with courage, freedom and confidence to take right decisions. We encourage them to be accountable for their actions even when they commit mistakes. We believe that constructive learning from mistakes is the best way of improving and empowering oneself and the organization. Uprightness: Our word is our bond and we believe in Honesty and accountability. Being trustworthy, Fairness, decency, and respect for others is what we constantly strive to instill across the organisation. Professionalism & Pride: Dedicated passion and pride for what we do and how we do it is the core essence of our values. Our image in the eyes of our customers and the world, along with a strong desire to respect and build on our strong heritage is the strength that motivates and move us all at ARMS.